For People puts people in the center of data platforms. We design, build, and iterate on systems that improve our communities for ourselves, our neighbors, our friends, and our family.

Great data ecosystems are rooted in discovering everyone’s perspective.
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Understanding People

Product, Strategy & Operations

Our product managers, product strategists, and project managers cast a product vision based on data and reality. They balance politics and priorities with a pragmatic execution strategy to deliver on promised outcomes.

Service Design & User Research

Our service designers and researchers define and frame opportunities in a human context. They discover the historical origin of problems and find technology and non-technology opportunities to get to the best solutions.

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Building For People

DevOps & Infrastructure

Our infrastructure engineers build high-availability cloud infrastructure with pipelines that facilitate continuous delivery.

Data Engineering

Our data engineers build modern data pipelines that collect, organize, and securely store healthcare data at scale.

Application Development

Our back-end engineers build services and APIs to exchange data, with a focus on speed, stability, and security.

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Discovering People

Data Analytics

Our data analysts organize and interpret large data sets to solve business and policy questions. They support cultures of data-driven decision making that have tangible impacts on people.

Policy & Program Impact

Our policy and program analysts use data to objectively identify what effect policy interventions have on populations. They provide recommendations for optimizing costs and increasing impact.